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Legal consulting in today’s environment requires creativity MindDrive Legal Services approaches common legal problems from new angles.  Today’s environment also is spawning entirely new legal problems.   For example, Father Thomas Berry, the great eco-philospher, gave us this profound vision for the Rights of Nature: “Every being – to exist –  has three rights: the right to be, the right to habitat, and the right to fulfill its role in the great community of existence.”   However, the”Rights Of Nature” cannot exist without sustainable “Rights To Nature”.  This is an area of law that involves common legal doctrines in a new setting.

The Atmosphere, Land, Water, and Biosystems Are A Public Trust

MindDrive Legal Services is working at the state and local levels to build a network of attorneys, activists, regulators, urban planners, and processes, that will transform our legal structures so people at all levels of society have sustainable access to Nature.  The first step in this process is for all of us to shift our view of Nature as a resource for current consumption to that of a public trust, for present and future generations.  All of us have an obligation to preserve and protect the environment in which we live.   MindDrive’s Legal Consulting supports these actions, and works with activists locally and around the world to achieve these goals.

There are laws of nature that we have to comply with, and those laws are supreme.'” Professor Mary Cristina Wood, Univ. of Oregon School of Law, and author of “Nature’s Trust”

The need for a new paradigm is most visible in the area of natural gas development using hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” methods that threaten the health, safety, and welfare of entire communities, through severely degraded air quality, and water supplies.  MindDrive Legal Services is working with community rights groups, local governments, and environmental activists to address these conflicts.  If your organization or community needs legal advice to take the next step in this direction, contact MindDrive  Legal Services for a free consultation.

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