Civil Rights Litigation

Reinvigorating Community Rights

Millions of people around the world can recite by memory the inalienable human rights expressed by Thomas Jefferson in The Declaration of Independence: the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.   Those powerful principles are embodied in the Bill of Rights in United States Constitution, and similar expressions in State Constitutions.  Other expressions of civil rights are found in civil rights statutes, and common law principles.

The rights of individuals and communities to clean air, water and a healthy, safe environment are derived from the rights expressed in the Declaration.  These rights and the right of self government are under severe pressure, primarily from the unchecked power of corporations and their political allies.  Aggressive advocacy requires assertion, where appropriate, of the full extent of a client’s inalienable rights — which are recognized in the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions.

Inalienable rights. All persons have certain natural, essential and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; of acquiring, possessing and protecting property; and of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.   Article II, Sec. 3 of the Colorado Constitution

Clients often begin with a fundamental desire for justice as the basis for their rights.   However, justice, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.   Justice from a lawyer’s or judge’s narrow viewpoint of black letter law is often inadequate from the client’s broader, and more fundamental, perspective of justice.  Conscience is often lost in the adherence to narrow interpretations of legal precedent.

There is a higher court than courts of justice, and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Legal systems, particularly in the U.S., depend on the logic and stability of precedent, or stare decisis.   Those same systems remain vibrant through the creativity born of imagination, and the clarity of conscience.   The founder of MindDrive Legal Services, Dan Leftwich, uses more than 20 years of experience in complex litigation and a deep understanding of clients’ fundamental rights, to provide the zealous advocacy that clients deserve and the rules of professional responsibility demand.   He also asserts the clarity of conscience in every legal setting.

Whether your case involves a violation of individual civil rights, or a denial of a community’s fundamental rights to local self-government, MindDrive Legal Services can help.  Contact us for a free consultation.


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